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Abdoul NDiaye

Abdoul NDiaye

Full-stack Developer

32 years old
Driving License
Remote - United Kingdom
Available soon Available
I aim to build from scratch projects and technical team with new technologies and best practices as a reference. My leadership and the various experience give me the capacity to adapt myself in every situation.
  • Microservice Apis:
    - Creation of 6 Node.Js apis behind a Nginx proxy
    - PassportJs Authentication
    - Docker deployment
  • Apache Mesos:
    - Installation of a DC/OS cluster on AWS
    - Auto scaling group configuration
    - Jenkins / dcos client deployment
  • RabbitMq:
    - Installation and configuration of a RabbitMq able to manage millions of messages
  • Varnish:
    - Installation and configuration of a varnish cluster compatible with FOSHttpCacheBundle
  • ElasticSearch:
    - Import and management of more than 100 millions of ads on 22 websites
  • Jenkins:
    - Add Jenkins workflow in order to deploy all the stack in 1 click
  • Logstash + Kibana integration
  • Monitoring
Detailed Description
  • The mission was to migrate our 22 MySQL databases on Elasticsearch.
  • My first task was to install Apache Mesos on AWS and migrate 55 millions of ads on the new server (bulk insert).
  • Using RabbitMq and Mesos, I managed to import all the affiliate ads in ElasticSearch.
  • I also worked on Symfony to improve the performances (Varnish, Redis, Blackfire) and create new features.
  • And I've also installed a workflow to push features every day (Jenkins, Docker, Amazon Container Service)
  • NodeJs developments (with ExpressJs)
  • Raml documentation
  • Raml functional tests for Nodejs APis