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Abdoul NDiaye

Abdoul NDiaye

Full-stack Developer

32 years old
Driving License
Remote - United Kingdom
Available soon Available
I aim to build from scratch projects and technical team with new technologies and best practices as a reference. My leadership and the various experience give me the capacity to adapt myself in every situation.
  • - Build a NodeJS backends with FlowType / ExpressJS
    - Serverless
    - React + Redux development
    - AMQP communication Between the different services with RabbitMq
    - Redis cache
    - Authentication Providers Via Passport JS (Bearer, Custom, SAML)
    - ElasticSearch
    - AWS
    - AWS Cloudformation
    - Blue-green deployment (with Jenkins)
    - MongoDB
    - PostgreSQL
    - LoopbackJS
    - ExpressJS
    - Kong API gateway
    - React-native Android & iOS
    - Swagger documentation
    - Webpack optimization
  • Test workflow for all the APis:
    - Unit test with Mocha, Chai and Sinon.js
    - E2E test with Supertest
    - Checking style with FlowType and Eslint
  • Jenkins:
    - Check on every pull request
    - Automatic deploy on all environments
    - Blue/Green deployment with AWS ECS
    - Automatic launch of E2E tests in case of a modification on an API
    - Docker infrustructure
  • Infrastructure:
    - Aws Cloudformation
    - Aws Shield
    - Blue/green deployment and autoscaling with Aws ECS
    - RabbitMq cluster
    - Websockets behind a load balancer
    - Autoscalling Rules
    - ElasticSearch
  • API gateway:
    - Kong API gateway
    - Oauth2 authentication in all APIs
    - Rate limit on request
    - Cors management
  • Security:
    - Installation of a VPN
    - Installation of an SSH bastion
    - Creation and management of a private network
  • Key figures :
    - + 50 physicians
    - + 15 specialties
    - + 1.500 consultations
    - 96% patient satisfaction rate
Detailed Description
  • Qare is a unique on-demand, online-to-offline, virtual medical practice, offering all the benefits of the French healthcare system abroad.
  • My role was to create a microservice ecosystem from scratch to ensure the realisation of this project.
  • All the project has been created from scratch.
Company Description
Kamet backs brash entrepreneurs building the next generation of ground breaking technology companies, geared to improve, enrich or disrupt the insurance ecosystem.

With offices in Paris, and London, and soon in Asia and America, Kamet focuses on pioneering start-ups that are ready to scale across the global stage. Funded by the AXA group, Kamet delivers unparalleled access to a top corporations to match cutting-edge entrepreneurs with one of the world's most powerful FI/ Insurance company.
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