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Abdoul NDiaye

Abdoul NDiaye

Full-stack Developer

32 years old
Driving License
Remote - United Kingdom
Available soon Available
I aim to build from scratch projects and technical team with new technologies and best practices as a reference. My leadership and the various experience give me the capacity to adapt myself in every situation.

Web developer

March 2010 to 2011
  • Sales integration website

    (2 developers)

    Our goal was to develop an interface to import and manage sales in several websites.

    - Database creation.
    - Modelisation of the user interface.
    - Product/user/sale/picture/brand management
    - Sales pre-visualization
    - Sales synchronization
    - Writing of a developer wiki.
    - Training for the marketing team.

    Environment: PHP, Javascript, JQuery, Mysql, Apache, Svn, Toad, Putty, Freemind, Mysql Workbench, Symfony 1.4

  • Espacemax eCommerce website:

    - Development of the 4th version of the website.
    - Migration of the administration.
    - Cache management on the front pages with MemCached.
    - Creation of the preprod environment.
    - Development of the 4th version of the website "Espacemax on"
    - Graphic redesign.
    - CDN installation.
    - Load balancer installation.
    - Minor changes on a 3D tool developed by NVIDIA SDK Dassault System.
    - Development of Backend and front-end features.
    - Development of cronjob and stored procedures to automate sales's management.
    - Development of special sales management for the Espacemax website
    - Coordination with the commercial and marketing team to organize the tasks of the team.
    - Training of new developers.

    Environment: Debian, PHP, Javascript, Jquery, Mysql, Apache, Svn, Toad, Putty

  • "Fée de l'effet" eCommerce website:

    - Changes on postal charges management.
    - Addition of import script to import new sales/products.
    - XML import of clients sourced from special events.

    Environnement: PHP, Javascript, Jquery, Symfony 1.4, Mysql, Apache, Svn, Toad, Putty, MysqlWorkbench
Detailed Description
  • Espacemax is a company specialised in sales events for luxury goods on Internet.
    The company also has a web agency with several clients (Kenzo, Yves Delorme).
    At the beginning, the team was composed by two developers and one sysadmin. At the end, this one had 8 backend developers, 1 front-end developer, 4 designers.
    I was the only developer on all projects. I had the chance to see several projects with different frameworks and to bring my support to new developers.